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Meet the Team

Liz – Dental Hygienist ‘The Smile Sparkler’


Liz has worked in Orthodontics since 1995. After graduating from Dental Therapy and Dental Hygiene Liz expanded her skills to include Orthodontics. Liz finds Orthodontics very satisfying. “It’s wonderful to be part of a team that produces such impressive results”



Fiona – Dental Hygienist ‘The Smile Sparkler’

Fiona firstly joined our team in 2014 as a full-time Dental Assistant after completed her Bachelor of Oral Health degree at Newcastle University, NSW. Her reason to start with one step backward was to get familiar with the Australia standard of an Orthodontic practice since her background is Vietnamese. Thus, she speaks fluent Vietnamese and English. Fiona has also completed her Bachelor of Dental Technician course in Vietnam, which made her an expert of lab related issues in the Bayside team. 

Fiona is now fully qualified and our first full-time Hygienist here at Bayside Orthodontists. She has showed us her excellent work in multiple fields from patient education, assessment, to supportive therapies during Orthodontic treatment and maintaining dental health. As she said “Tooth-brushing technique is never an old lesson and is never the same for each individual”, so don’t be afraid to ask for oral hygiene advice.  

“I love my Bayside family and our patients. My favourite things outside of work are cooking, travel and karaoke. I enjoy working here and the result of every smile is the biggest reward.”

Micha Waldbauer – Clinical Coordinator ‘ The Smile Coordinator’

DSC_9217Micha joined Bayside Orthodontists in 2016 after moving from Sydney. The move brought her from her dental background to our Orthodontic Clinic, where she settled into the role of Clinical Coordinator and Health Information Manager or, as we call it, the Smile Coordinator.

You will find Micha being involved in every part of our patients’ treatment; from the initial consultation through to the final appointment. Her tasks are with the general coordination of the clinic and the
management of patient and staff; however, you will also find her taking photos, carrying out 3D scans and discussing our patients’ wishes and concerns.

More to the point she gathers all the information for Head of Smiles Dr Britt to construct a treatment plan, communicates with dentists and other specialists, and assists our patients in the decision-making process as well as all the logistics around their treatment. Micha speaks German and Dutch.

Micha really enjoys her clinical days – always nearby to jump in and help Dr Britt and Dr Anna and the team wherever needed. Whether it be chair-side assisting, at the reception or in the sterilising room.

Outside of work, Micha enjoys exploring the outdoors with her partner Rick and L.C., their Aussie Bulldog. She keeps her body and mind fit with Yoga, running, tennis and rowing.

“I have learned that no two orthodontic treatments are the same, just as no two smiles are the same, and I enjoy walking through the orthodontic journey with our patients and seeing the rewarding smile at the end of treatment. I love the connection I make every day with patients, family members and my team.”

Katie Staley-Shaw – Orthodontic Nurse/ Receptionist ‘The Smile Coordinator’

DSC_9148Katie joined the team here at Bayside in January 2018. She started her career in dentistry upon leaving school in 2007. She has gained numerous qualifications including the National Certificate for Dental Nurses, Dental radiography and then went on to further her interests in Team leading/Management and Orthodontic Nursing.

Katie specifically enjoys working in Orthodontics and she understands how much a smile effects someones confidence, she loves to see patients grow and change throughout their treatment.

My favourite things outside of work include exercising and keeping fit and cooking. She recently got her permanent residency after moving from the UK in 2016 and is enjoying living in Melbourne.



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