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Bayside Orthodontists are committed to helping people achieve a great smile here in our Albert Park practice.

To give our adult and highly compliant young adult patients the smile they deserve discreetly and virtually invisibly we offer Invisalign. The Invisalign treatment is completed via a series of clear aligners that discreetly guide your teeth into place without the necessity of wearing a visible orthodontic device.

While our team believes that everyone should have a smile they are proud of, Invisalign Australia have recently released a survey revealing that teeth often take the cake for what is considered the most important facial feature.

The statistics gathered provided interesting results when discussing what people often notice the most when meeting others for the first time. The study indicated that those between the ages of 18-39 considered their smile very important with three quarters of this surveyed demographic stating that they noticed people’s teeth as soon as they first smiled.

In addition to this, Invisalign Australia found that those aged 18-39 listed their smile as the facial feature they most wished to improve. Fortunately, with the help of Invisalign, our team at Bayside Orthodontists can help people of all ages achieve a straighter smile discreetly and quickly.

What is it about your smile that is so important?

When it comes to having a beautiful smile, 71% of those surveyed said it was straight teeth that make for a great smile. Despite this, many adults are concerned about the appearance of an orthodontic device such as braces when straightening their smile.

Bayside Orthodontists strive to help our patients achieve the smile they deserve inconspicuously and subtlety. By using Invisalign our team can straighten our patient’s smiles without virtually any visible indication that they are receiving orthodontic treatment.

While your oral health can also indicate the condition of your overall health, the Invisalign Australia survey also showed that more than half of the people that partook in the survey believed that the appearance of your smile indicates the pride you take in your appearance. Additionally, 54% believed that an individual’s overall attractiveness is linked to a straight smile.

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